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For The Permit Of Residence

Short term residence permit is given for 2 years in the first application according to foreigners’ arrival purposes in our country.

Students who enroll in the Turkish Language Course in our country and have suitable accommodation conditions can apply for Short Term Residence Permit. Foreign applicants must have a passport or a document that can be used instead of a passport for 60 days longer than the residence permit. In addition, the Migration Administration may request additional information or documents when deemed necessary.

Documents requested in the standard procedure are as follows:
  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • 4 biometric photos taken in the last 6 months
  • Original and photocopy of the passport or its replacement document (In cases where the passport is not written using Latin letters, certified translation by certified translators or official authorities)
  • Appropriate visa purposes taken from foreign missions to the Republic of Turkey
  • Notary approved lease agreement or notary approved commitment of the landlord if staying as a guest
  • Statement that he has sufficient and regular financial means during his stay (A Bank Passbook showing that he has at least 500 USD-EURO of savings per month.)
  • Birth certificate taken from your own country
  • Criminal record taken from Turkey
  • Health insurance
  • Salary payroll of the person giving the undertaking, if staying as a guest
  • Provision of authorization received during the stay for the hotel
  • During the period of residence permit requested, if your food, accommodation or health expenses are covered by the public administrations, you must report the relevant document to the administration.
  • In cases of being under the age of 18, a consent must be given by the person’s remote parents or legal representatives, and a letter of undertaking by real and legal persons and sent to the administration.
  • In case of a child with the foreigner, apostille approved permit obtained from the father

You must send the requested documents and information within 30 days during the application process. If your documents are not completed within the time given to you, your application may be deleted and there may be violations of residence permit.

You can use the following document about the documents required for residence permit applications:

Application Process and Appointment

The first applications to be made by foreigners who want to stay in our country or applications made for change vary according to the type and purpose. Those who wish to attend the Turkish Language Course in our country and thus obtain Short Term Residence Permit must make their applications before the end of their visa or residence permit.

Foreign people who will apply for Short Term Residence Permit must fill in the form completely and provide the necessary documents. After filling the form, the application date, time and application number will be created by the system.

Necessary payments regarding applications can be made to payment offices, property directorates, banks approved by the Ministry of Economy. Application and Card fee must be paid separately and their receipts must be taken separately.

People produced by the system until the date of appointment with the residence permit application form are entitled to stay legally in Turkey. However, this document does not guarantee the right to make entry and exit to Turkey.

You must be at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management when your appointment day and time comes, otherwise your application will not be processed. Their applications are not canceled and updated. If you come with your legal representatives, they should bring documents proving that they are your legal representative.

If you meet the conditions required to stay in our country and your application is approved, your residence permit has started. Your residence permit period continues until the end of your visa.

For the addresses of Provincial Immigration Administrations:

Obligation to Answer Official Calls

According to Article 97 of the Law No. 6458, the Migration Administration can call foreigners for the following situations:

  • In investigations required to reside in our country,
  • Under conditions where an export decision is required from our country and it is possible,
  • In cases where information is required.
  • If people do not answer these calls made by the Migration Service, they can be arrested without a call by the Security Forces.


Communication is provided by phone and e-mail. For this reason, you must provide a valid email address and phone number for confirmation and information about your applications. Please check your e-mail inbox and your spam / junk box at regular intervals until your residence permit is received. Do not rely on e-mails from addresses other than e-mail addresses with the “@” extension.

(!) If you make a false declaration, legal action can be taken against you, your application for a residence permit can be refused.

You can always call us for any questions about Residence Permit.