Turkish Education

For Foreigners


We offer Turkish course for foreign students,provide them student visa and the documents needed for permit of residence.

Education Of Turkish For Foreigners

Our goal as Multi Education is to ensure millions of people who came from different cultures and want to strengthen their ties with our culture to learn Turkish in the best way and to adapt to Turkey better.

In our Turkish trainings organized by our expert trainers in classes for up to 8 people, we ensure that people actively speak Turkish in every field and speed up their learning processes by talking, messaging and telephoning.

Turkish Education For All Levels

Foreigners who want to reside in our country should be studying in any Turkish course. Students enrolled in our course are placed in classes suitable for their level after the Placement Exam.

Turkish courses consist of 6 levels as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Students are assessed with a placement test that tests their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at the end of each level.

Procedures Of Residence Permit

People who want to reside in Turkey must be registered with a Turkish language course before the end of the visa period. Persons enrolled in the language course can obtain a residence permit for up to 1 year without entering or leaving.

60 days before the residence permit given to the student ends, the student can re-register and get a residence permit for another year. You can have a Ministry of Education approved residence permit in Turkey by enrolling our course.

Our Other Services

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Camp Of Innovation, Sports And English in Greece

Skouras Innovation Language and Sports Camp is located on the Halkidiki Peninsula, one of the most famous tourist areas of Northern Greece. Besides English lessons, our camp which provides service with 1 coach to 5 campers on 120 decares of land, fills all the time of our campers with an intensive program of sport activities, a robotic coding workshop and more than 30 sport activities.

Our children from 6 to 16 years old from different countries experience a dream camp period in a pine-forest and olive tree, on a stainless beach, sea and sun.

In this camp we have prepared with Mobides; We make theoretical and practical English lessons more effective with British, American, Canadian and Greek (Bi-lingual) instructors and students from all over the world.

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