Since 2006

General Foreign Language Education

European Languages

We give education in English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Greek and Scandinavian languages.

 Middle East Languages

As Multi Education Foreign Language Center, we give education in Middle East languages such as Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Armenian, Azerbaijani.

Far East Languages

We give education Far east languages which gained popularity in the last years in our institution such as Chinese, Japonese and Korean.

In classes of 8 people at maximum

Group Educations

As Multi Education Foreign Languages Center, we provide the necessary education and practice for you to be able to express yourself orally and in your daily life. We help you improve your grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in our lessons with our experienced Turkish and foreign instructors.

Succeed Guaranteed

One to one educations

It is suitable for the students who can not adapt to group program hours of Multi Language Education,who have limited time,who need to work individually in private areas apart from educational contents.It is provided in accordance with international education standarts with Turkish or foreign teachers.


Conversation Classes With Foreign Teachers

In conversation classes accompanied by our teachers whose native language is English,students chat on pre-determined topics.Thanks to our one-to-one or group educations,people get rid of speech problems and self-confidence problems and thet become able to use English more effectively. No matter what level you are,our groups are organized to have maximum 8 people and Oxford publications are used in trainings.

Business English Education Devoted To The Sector

In our Business English Program,individuals and institutions who want to get education in any specific sector are provided are provided private English trainings in chosen sector and profession. After the Placement Exam we apply,the program which we have prepared individually is completed in a short time.

In the trainings that we prepare and carry out together with Turkish and foreign instructors,students are prepared to use English actively in business life by making regular correspondences and telephone calls apart from classroom activities.

Educations With Foreign Teacher For All Age Groups

More Information

Language Education For The Age Of 4-6

At the Multi Education Foreign Languages Center,the children receive an English education where they can develop their creativity, imagination, thinking and social skills.

Language Education For The Age Of 7-16

Our trainings which start by the begining of the schools continue during the academic year with social activities,games and excursions we organize.

Language Education For High School Students

After completing their language education,our high school students have the opportunity to develop this education with us, in various language schools abroad.

Educations For University Students

We prepare the young people who got into universities for the profiency exams prepared by the universities and we enable them to acquire the skills needed.

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